Amager Beach is a popular area for sunbathing, swimming, walking and having picnic. The long sandy beach is bounded by Kastrup International Airport and the Øresund Bridge in the south, Amager suburb to the west and industrial areas to the north. Amager Beach stretches in the direction south-southeast – north-northwest facing the strait of water, Øresund, between Denmark and Sweden.


In between the urban context the beach stretches for a long distance and meets the water at influx transitions. In this landscape I wanted to work with a structure that would thematize the beachs’ characteristics, functions and materiality. The structure should further enhance the qualities of the area by defining characteristics of the recreational landscape enabling the area to clarify the relationship with the larger urban context.

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Defining activities on the beach are swimming and bathing. Unfortunately, the water is very shallow off the Danish coast so bathing piers are common for reaching out to the necessary depths. The new bathing pier at Amager Beach stretches 400 meters off the land to depths of 4 meters. The pier offers delicate possibilities for sunbathing, promenades and swimming. Within the program of a bathing pier I investigated the variety of form and spaces these activities could take on. The cantilevers and shells create a variety of spaces and surfaces with multifunctional use. One can sunbath on the roof, hide behind the walls to change, sit on the edge dipping feet in the water or dive into the ocean.

In a landscape with no fixed boundaries between sand and water the pier inhabit a fixed position. In the project I studied the fluid materiality of sand and water in relation with the surface and edges of the built structure. Fundamental architectural components: dimensions, form and light, created a variety of spaces and surfaces articulating the transition between the beach and the built structure.

The beachs’ surplus of space is characterized by the wide horizon and long visual stretches. I wanted these visual qualities to be present in the design. The pier is a horizontal line that visually focus the long stretch of the beach, reaching towards the horizon and towards the land on the opposite side of the strait.

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